Sending Beats Make Me Not Want to Make Beats.

I may be the only one that feels like this but once I send an artist a pack I’m done for the day. What I mean is once I have sent off beats to multiple artists, for some reason, I no longer want to make beats for the day. I think this comes from having slight expectations but also critiquing my own work which is bad because that means I am comparing my latest sounds to what an artist may or may not like.

One thing that I have started doing to stop this demotivation is to trust that I am providing a sound that is much different than what the artist normally uses. Now originally a producer’s goal was to make sure that he or she didn’t sound like anyone else. So based on that logic me sending something that is completely different than what they have put out before should be the goal.

I think putting type beats into the market, myself, has given me sort of a distorted view of what I should be providing to the artists. The best way to cure this is too, again, remember that my goal our goal is to provide something new to the artist.



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