Ego or Misunderstood

The duality of an Artist

Ask any producer from here to Tibet and they’ll tell you the same thing, ALL ARTISTS ARE CRAZY. No question about it. They are deranged, absent-minded, control freaks, and some are just down right oblivious to the real world.

Now before this becomes a “producer bashing artists” thing let me explain something. The average artist right now is only thinking about one thing, and that is to create. I don’t care what they say about their ‘label’, business ventures, plans or goals. The only thing they care about is the ability and the space to create.

Now put this in perspective. For the last 7 or so months you have been working on this project in hopes that it’ll leave such a lasting impression on the world that you either A.) Sign with a major record company and go on tour or B.) become someone famous and get all the money in the world to supply whatever habit they you may have. It is a complete lie that the majority are looking to change the world. Think I’m lying? Right now stop reading, go on soundcloud and play the next random artist’s music and I guarantee at minimum that 75% of you will hear a lyric about getting money, spending money, or having money and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We live in a capitalistic society. If obtaining wealth isn’t on the agenda to make a living, helping your family, or changing the world then you’re still living in the 1800s. Anyone or thing that generates any alterations to life or society as we know it needs money. Cold truth.

The average artist doesn’t make enough to fund their own artistry. Its no wonder why the “NO FREE BEATS” movement has been so strong in the producer world in the past three years. The average artist will not shell out $50 bucks to record a song in a homemade acoustic treated studio let alone a professional studio.

With all that being sad its no wonder most of them have the most eclectic personalities. What we’re seeing today is a mix of financial struggle and social acceptance in almost every artist today. The average person doesn’t realize that while this person is passing out their mixtape that they’ve been on emotional roller coasters dealing with managers/promoters/DJs/producers egos. All the while trying to generate enough art in enough time to capture your attention long enough just to get a retweet, a like, or hopefully a buy. The pressure for an artist is reaching an unseen apex and it bothers me that managers and road managers aren’t doing more to buffer them from the chaos that we call the music industry.

In close I need producers, DJs, promoters, and now even more so, you the fans, to give a FUCK. If you personally know an artist in anyway I need you to care and support them in a way you feel best.

And artist I need the egos to stop. No one cares about the time you opened up for Lil Wayne, no one cares you got a like on instagram from Drake, and no one cares that you were on stage with J. Cole that one night. As a producer and as a fan, we need some damn music. Make the hits and we will support. In turn we’re all in this together and WE decide what hot and what’s not.




Music Producer | A&R

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Hänz Nobe

Hänz Nobe

Music Producer | A&R

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