How Producing a Spoken Word Album Changed My Perspective

Spoken Word Artist — Faylita Hicks
Spoken Word Artist — Faylita Hicks. Picture via Fresno State News

I’m trying to get the audio settings in Zoom setup so that I can host my first ever virtual music studio session. The artist has been waiting for me for about 15 minutes on mute as she watches me scrambling between…

A Tale of a Failed Multitasker

Kanye West (now Ye) in the studio. Photo by J. Emilio Flores/Corbis

It’s 7am in Times Square and I’m just waking up in the B Room at Penthouse Studios. The faint smell of old wood, weed coming in from the rooftop, and the subtle sounds of honking cars are coming in through the window. J DVNL…

The Death of Chasing a Dream

Maybe it was hearing another no. Maybe it was the long Uber ride home realizing the last session didn’t go anywhere. Maybe it was the win you received that everyone praised you for but deep down inside you know you want more. Maybe it…

How Knowing the Right People Builds your Brand

LA Reid, Diddy, and Berry Gordy

You may have been in a room with a well known exec, DJ, artist, producer, or A&R hoping for an opportunity. You explain to them your goals and how hungry you are to deliver something worthwhile. You start playing your music and…

Why me taking on this “Executive” role has forced me to be more…PC.

My business partner and I having a FaceTime conversation with a client about his album

I get on twitter and do a lot of rants. It’s my release from dealing with multiple projects, deadlines, putting out fires, dealing with family life, accounting, marketing, advertising, collaboration, and trying to run errands in between…

Ashanti just recently announced she will be re-recording her debut album

Ashanti who has created most of the music that has become the soundtrack of my high school years just recently announced that she will be re-recording her debut album from Murder, Inc. Now this should not come as a surprise as more and more artists are coming out saying that…

Normani in the studio

Something that I want to touch base on today is the importance of recording demos for your upcoming project. A demo will help you craft ideas that you can always go back to. They can also be presented to people that may help you develop the idea and it's always…

Hänz Nobe

Music Producer | A&R

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